Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

Please begin returning Chromebooks that were checked out to your student, beginning Monday, May 17th. 

At the HS, Chromebooks will be returned to your Advisory B Teachers. Teachers will check you off as having turned in your Chromebook. 

At the Elementary, Chromebooks will be returned to your Regular Classroom teacher. Teachers will check you off as having returned your Chromebook.

Remote Learners, you can return your Chromebook to either the Tech Department at the LDPS Central Offices or to your Elem/JH/HS school office. Make sure, whoever you take your Chromebook to to, checks you off as 'having returned your Chromebook. 

For Summer School students, we will use the Chromebooks we have at school, on-site, for all instruction, lessons, etc. 

The final day to turn in a Chromebook will be Thursday, May 27th, so please make sure you get your Chromebook turned in. 

Thanks so much,

Marcy Cobell
LDPS Superintendent and LDPS Staff