Hi, LDPS District:

LDPS Human Resources would like to reiterate the Covid-19 established guidance per Superintendent Cobell.

Please be well and stay safe.

Go Stars! 


Robert D. Bailey, Human Resources Director
Lame Deer Public Schools District No. 6


  • Teachers/Staff will be using accrued leave during quarantine status. Quarantine will be treated as any other illness or sickness. If you are asymptomatic (no symptoms), and you are comfortable with working, knowing you will be fine, you are free to work., AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN MASKED, gloved (if needed) AND SOCIALLY DISTANCED.
  • CDC is recommending only unvaccinated people NEED to quarantine in the event of a COVID exposure. We CANNOT ask if someone is unvaccinated or vaccinated (see HB 702 for #3).
  • We will follow, as closely as possible, CDC, IHS, PHN guidelines, but staff/teachers will use their own sick leave or approved leave, or LWOP, if they don’t have leave available when quarantining. In addition, you can use FMLA if you qualify.

4. Mask-Mandate/Socially Distancing/Screening/Sanitizing/Disinfecting  - Continues...."NO Sick Students or Staff" on Campus...CONTINUES ALSO... 

  •  There is no 'opt-out' option for students or staff at this time, nor is there the ability for the teachers, supervisors or Building Principals to make that call unilaterally. 
  • We must be diligent with this mandate, as it will determine our ability and feasibility for continuing our work in all buildings, but continue to keep people safe 
  • There should be and still is temperature and sickness 'screening' taking place, along with disinfecting, sanitizing, etc.
  • NOTHING has changed in our approach to Co-Vid Protocols, if anything, we are becoming more vigilant and diligent at these, as students are in buildings and we would like to set a good example.  
  • There is NO place for anyone's personal views on Co-Vid and it's risks. Those personal views must be tabled and stop as soon you enter our school property. 
  • Sanitation, Disinfection and "NO Sick Students or Staff on-site"   are still being practiced, so please be cognizant of what is  happening around you.
  • The bathrooms, faucets, and other high-use areas are cleaned frequently (1-2 times per hour) while other areas less frequented, are not.
  •  If you visit an area (for instance-using the Board Room for a meeting), or use an area that isn't on the schedule of 'regularly cleaning'  please alert myself or your Building Principal, so they can get it disinfected/sanitized before you use it, and disinfected/sanitized afterwards